The world is a lot different from what I have been told.

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As a child I loved school. I loved learning I was a good student I enjoyed my classmates. I remember that my mum told me that when I am good at school that I have no problems, later on, to find work or earn really good money when I am employed. Life would be a doodle, easy-peasy and I would not have to worry about anything.

I met my first bully.

Fast forward I am now 45 years old, and now I know they lied to me. Leaving school and getting an apprenticeship…

Myths and misconceptions about AI.

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Around artificial intelligence (AI) a certain mystical halo has been created, largely caused by the great ignorance that exists in this field, especially in the media. We have all read phrases such as: “with AI, most jobs will be automated and people will be unemployed” or, “robots will take over the world”, or, “it is a science fiction technology”, etc.

As we see, ignorance takes us to extremes, there are those who think that AI will dominate the world and others who think that it is nothing more than a buzzword. We believe that the…


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